CARECASE construction specification

Let us briefly highlight to you our CARECASE specification as follows.

1. We use top-grade plywood available in different thickness on which is laminated giving a scuff proof and water resistance finish.

2. Edging to be un-anodized aluminum angle secured with rivets to provide strength and durability to cases.

3. Spring-loaded, recessed twist-latch that can take a carrying load of up to a maximum of 1000lbs tension and a maximum of 450lbs pull-down pressure. They are accurately positioned and secured with rivets, which will survive years of rugged use. Spring-loaded-twist-action will keep the case closed until you want it open.

4. Spring-loaded, recessed pre-plated handles accurately positioned and secured with rivets are mounted at key balance points for positive control when maneuvering cases. Rubber padded grip is spring-loaded to stay out of the way when not in use.

5. Full length un-anodised aluminum piano hinges secured with rivets to provide excellent protection against torsion damage to case halves and to provide a tight lid alignment.

6. Steel ball corners (a maximum of 14 ga, steel) and steel corner clamp (up to 22 ga. steel) at all corner joining to provide extra shock absorption and raise case bottom off a flat surface.

7. Aluminum tongue and groove valence to fit thickness of case to create a perfect dust proof fit between lid and base.

8. Interior cushioning with high-density poly-foam, hand sculptured fit and protect your equipment like a glove.

9. We use the 360 degrees rotating ball-bearing type of castors (per set of 4) that have a safe running load of up to 350kg. The castors are secured to caster board with bolts and washers. The wheel bearing are surrounded by a nylon dust guard to prevent bearing deterioration and insure long-life. With castors on, who needs a trolley?


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